Borrowing Facility:

User Category Borrowing Facility
Teachers 20 Library items / 1 month
Non-teaching and technical staff 10 Library items / 1 month
Student- M.Tech, Ph.D. 10 Library items / 14 days
Teacher Trainees / STC Trainees 02 Library items / duration of STC
Corporate members 20 Library items / 3 months
Special members 02 Library items / 14 days
Visitors and others Reference Only
  • Computer facility is only for the institute library members. Users must display their identity
  • Trainees of institute can also access computer facilities.
  • Use of Internet for academic work is given priority
  • Chatting on the Net is prohibited
  • E-mail is to be discouraged
  • Download of full text access is permitted to the library members, however systematic download is not permissible, See the Copyright Act.
  • No print outs are provided for the any of the matter
  • Users are not permitted to save on any section of the hard disk of any of the PCs. The users can temporarily only save on 'My documents' area of the PC and not any where else.

It is the sole responsibility of the user to take timely back-up of the matter that is created or saved by him / her. The library staff for the purpose of maintenance shall delete such files every 3- days to provide enough working space for the users and ensure proper functioning of the PCs in terms of speed and other technical snags.

Users must not save any matter on the 'desk tops'

Users must not down-load any screen-saver other than the activated by the library and should also not change the screen settings.