• Journals Section
    It consists of Serials Control Unit, Processing Unit and Maintenance Unit. This section is responsible for acquisition of journals and their maintenance.
  • Books Section
    It consists of Book Selection Unit, Book Ordering Unit, Processing Unit, Technical (Classification and Cataloguing) and Maintenance unit. The section is responsible for acquisition of books and their maintenance.
  • Readers' Service Section
    This takes care of all reader services viz. Circulation of reading material, Inter-Library Loan, Photocopy Requests, Online and Offline database search, reference and referral services.
  • E-Library
    This Unit is used to access the online journals subscribed by the Library and to search the CDs and DVDs.
  • Administration Unit
    This Unit takes care of the budget controls, coordination with other sections of the Institute, maintenance of other official records, etc.

Services :

  • Online Public Access Catalogue
    Library has Web OPAC which is a powerful web based search engine for searching books and journal holdings database.
  • Issue of Books/Journal Volumes
    Users may borrow books and bound volumes of journals for a stipulated period.
  • Reference Service/Assistance
    Reference queries from users are answered over telephone, email or in person. While general queries are answered by the staff at the desk, specific queries regarding books or journals could be referred to with personnel of the concerned section.
  • Photocopy Service
    Instant photocopy of limited number of pages from loose issues of journals is provided free of cost to users by the desk staff. Photocopies of journal articles from bound volumes are provided free of cost to academic staff. Photocopying (journal articles only) services are also extended to users of other nonprofit academic institutions. For such users, a nominal fee of Re. 1 per page towards the cost of reproduction is charged. If the request for delivery of photocopies by post is made, one needs to bear mailing cost along with the cost of reproduction. Limited number of pages from the books are photocopied
  • Inter-library Loan
    Library has an inter-library loan arrangement with all important government and semi-government academic institutions. Books or journals which are not available with NITTTR Library can be procured from these institutions for a short period.
  • On-line journals and Databases
    Library provides access to over 3100 on-line journals . Library has access to full text databases such as , ASME, JSTOR, Oxford University Press and IEL Online POP+ASPP Nature; EPW. It also has access to bibliographic databases, such as ISID, JCCC and Web of Science .
  • CD-ROM Search
    Library has small collection of CD-ROM/DVD and back files of various journals. These CDs/DVDs could be searched on the library work station available in the e-Library or on the personal laptops. In addition the library has compiled two directories of open source journals which are relevant to the institute academic programs.

Products and Services

The library has compiled the following information products

  • Directory of Open Access Journals on Engineering & Technology
  • Directory of Open Access Journals on Social Sciences
  • List of NewAdditions
  • Current Contents of Journals
  • Journals Subscribed by the Library