Entrepreneurship Development & Industrial Coordination (EDIC) Department

The EDIC department is engaged in conduct of the activities in following domains:

1. Education & training
  • Conducting national level short term training programmes (STTPs) in various significant and emerging areas like Project report preparation, Blue ocean strategies for entrepreneurship promotion, Enterprise support system, Achievement Motivation Training, Functional areas of small business management, Quality assurance and accreditation of institutions, Environmental Management, Total quality management, Acquiring ISO 9001:2008 in technical institutions, industry-institute interaction, Green Entrepreneurship and Environmental management system etc. for teachers / managers / administrators from engineering colleges, polytechnics / industry of the country. The department is also organizing AICTE sponsored summer/winter schools of 1-2 weeks duration in the above mentioned areas exclusively for the faculty from engineering colleges. The department conducts on an average about 3-4 such programmes annually.
  • Conducting short term training courses (STCs) of 1-2 weeks duration for polytechnic and engineering college teachers / managers / entrepreneurs / professionals / administrators of northern region. The department conducts on an average about 15 such programmes annually and about 300 participants attend these.
  • Teaching of subjects of Entrepreneurship Development, Total Quality Management, Organisational Behaviour, Principles of Management, and Research Methodology to M. Tech. students of Engineering Education, Computer Sciences and Electronics & Communication Engineering of the institute.
  • In addition 6-8 weeks Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and 2-3 days Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps are also being conducted for prospective entrepreneurs of various target groups. The department has organised more than 16 conferences / seminars on various subjects of entrepreneurship and industry-institute interaction (III). The department is also conducting National/Regional Workshops on establishment and management of ED Cells and II Partnership Cells.

Selected list of NITTTR Trained Entrepreneurs

2. Research and Development
  • The department has conducted a number of research studies including sponsored studies like expansion and automation study in MSMEs of Chandigarh, Tracer study of polytechnic pass outs in the northern region, Energy conservation and audit in SMEs, Impact of entrepreneurship development programmes etc.
3. Instructional Material Development
  • Production of instructional resources (both print and non-print) on Entrepreneurship Development, SME Management, Industry-Institute Interaction, Total Quality Management, and Quality Management System. The department has so far produced 30 books/text books, 45 modules, more than 200 programme booklets, and 32 educational video films in the areas of entrepreneurship, Industry-Institute Interaction, TQM, Marketing, Management of SMEs, MIS, KMS, and 6 Sigma etc.
4. Curriculum Development
  • The department provides need based assistance to Curriculum Development Centre of the institute in design and review of curricula of technician education system.
5. Extension Services and Consultancy
  • The department is also engaged in providing extension services to engineering colleges and polytechnics of northern region of India and has also undertaken a number of consultancy projects offered by NPIU, Department of Science and Technology, Directorates of industries etc.