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Centre for Development of Technical Competencies (CDTC)


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Coordinators :

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The institute has setup Centre for Development of Technical Competencies CDTC) with following activities for students of engineering colleges and polytechnics and professionals from industry and academia.


Student Training (Summer Training) for Engineering Students


Laboratory Practices for Engineering Students


Customized Courses for Field Professionals


DTP Design for Thesis/Project Printing and Binding at Media Centre


Fabrication of Models for Outside Agencies

All the above activities shall be accomplished by faculty and staff of various existing departments of the institute apart from collaborative efforts with outside agencies. Interested students from engineering colleges and other technical institutions are invited by CTDC of this Institute for their project training and other related activities.

Engineering College/ Polytechnic Duration Topics Coordinator / Contact Person

Computer Science & Engineering Department

Engineering College / Polytechnic Students

(Minimum 10 students)

4-6 Weeks

  • Web Application Development & Security using PHP & MySQL Vew Content
Amrendra Sharan,
Shano Solanki

Dr. C. Rama Krishna,
Professor & Head,
Phone No. 0172-2759670

Amrendra Sharan
Training Coordinator
Mobile: 9914496715
Ph.No. 01722759664,

Amrendra Sharan
Shano Solanki,
Amit Deogar
Amrendra Sharan,
Mala Kalra

Amit Deogar,
Rakesh Kumar, Sidhartha Nanchahal, Amrendra Sharan, Rajiv Negi

  • Android Application Development
Amrendra Sharan
  • Web Application Security & Penetration Testing
Amrendra Sharan
Applied Science

Engineering College Students
(For group of 6-8 Students)

4-6 weeks

  • OFC System : Simulations and Performance AnalysisEvaluation
  • Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Nano-scale Systems/Devices
  • MATLAB: Basic Operations and Plots(App. Maths)
  • MATHEMATICA: Basic Oeprations (App. Maths)
Dr. B.C. Chaudhary
Professor & Head
Phone No. 0172-2759556

Engineering College / Polytechnic Students
(For group of 6-8 Students)

4-6 weeks

  • Fiber Optic: Tests and Measurements
  • Fiber Splicing, Termination and OTDR Testing

Engineering College Students Only
Project/Thesis work
(for 3-5 Students)

4-6 months

  • OFC System: Capacity Enhancement and Performance Evaluation
  • Synthesis, Simulations and Characterization of Nanomaterials

NOTE: Please note that 4-6 week training will only be undertaken during June-July and Dec.-Jan. only. However, 4-6 months training may be undertaken any time for group of 3-5 students

Civil Engineering Department

Engineering College Students

6-8 weeks

  • STAAD Pro
  • ETAB for Structural Design
  • Finite element modelling using Abaqus
  • Lab practices in Civil Engineering including training at Skill Training Centre, Simplx Infrastructures Ltd, Manesar on Masonry Work, Bar Bending, Erection of Scaffolding and Shuttering for R.C.C. work

Dr. Shanjay Sharma,
Professor & Head
Phone No.0172-2759514

Engineering College Students

6 Months

  • Software Application in Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering Department

Students Training Vew Brouchure

6 Weeks

  • Laboratory Practices on Power Electronics
Coordinator: Dr. Shimi S L
Mobile No: 9417588987
Dr. Lini Mathew,
Professor & Head
Phone No.0172-2759686

6 Weeks

  • PLC and Microcontrollers
    ( 17 June - 26 July 2019)
Coordinator: Dr. Ritula Thakur
Mobile No. 01722759548-545
Electronics & Communication Engineering Department /Electronics Service Centre

Engineering College/Polytechnic Students

4-6 Weeks

  • VLSI Design
Dr. Amod Kumar,
Professor & Head,
Phone No. 0172-2759638

Ashok Kumar
Phone No. 0172-2759550

4-6 Weeks

  • Embedded System Design
  • Wireless Communication
  • Electronic Design Automation

6 Months

  • Embedded System Design
  • Electronic Design Automation
ETV Department (Dr. Maitreyee Dutta, Professor & Head, Phone No. 0172-2759693)

Engineering College/Polytechnic Students

(Minimum 05 students)

4-6 Weeks

  • Video Film Production
Dr. Maitreyee Dutta,
Professor & Head,
Phone No. 0172-2759693
Mechanical Engineering Department

Engineering College/ Polytechnic Students

(Minimum 10 students)

6-8 weeks

  • Computer Aided Design
Dr. B. S. Pabla,
Professor & Head,
Phone No. 0172-2759525

Engineering College (B.Tech students)

(Minimum 10 students)

6 Months

  • Metrology/Engineering Material & Material Testing (Destructive and NDT), CAD using CATIA, Operation on Conventional and Non- Conventional Machine, CNC Milling Operation and Programming, FMS, Automation and Robotics, PLC-Programming and Application

Note: Any other relevant area can also be offered with the consent of the Head of the Department and availability of the faculty.
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For further details and other related queries, you may please contact:

Dr. Rakesh Wats, Chairman, CDTC
Phone No. 0172-2759531
Email :

Er. Amit Goyal, Co-Chairman, CDTC
Phone No. 0172-2759656
Email :

Member Convenor:

Er. Shimmi SL 
Phone No. 0172-2759736
Proforma for Student Training