Electronics & Communication Engineering Department
Research Area Faculty Wise
Dr. Sandeep Singh Gill
VLSI Design
Soft Computing Techniques
Engineering Management.
Dr. Amod Kumar
Dr. Balwinder Singh Dhaliwal
Antenna (Fractal, MIMO)
Digital Signal Processing
Soft Computing.
Dr. Balwinder Raj
Nanoelectronic Devices and Circuits
Nanotechnology and energy based devices
VLSI Design
VLSI & Embedded System Design
Modeling and Simulation
FPGA Based Design
Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications.
Dr. Kanika Sharma
Internet of Things
Wireless Sensor Netwoks
Embedded Networking
Embedded Systems Designing.
Dr. Garima Saini
Advanced Digital Communication
Antenna Design Simulations & Optimization
Wireless & Mobile Communication
Antenna(PIFA, Metamaterial).
Dr. Anant Lal Das
Microwave and Millimeter wave Engineering
IPR - Two Indian patents granted on Microwave components.