Electronics Service Centre
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This centre conducts training programmes in operation, maintenance and repair of various types of Electronics Equipment, Power Supplies, SMPS, UPS, Training Kits (Electronics, Electrical & Mechatronics), Test and Measuring Instruments.

This centre conducts customized Staff Development Programme for the faculty/technical staff of engineering colleges under TEQIP-II project.

This centre also conducts competency based industrial training for students of engineering colleges and polytechnic on the various projects of 2/4/6/8 Weeks and 6 Months durations.

Training Programmes/ Projects Detail
Engineering College Students

6 weeks

  1. Embedded System Design
  2. Power Supply Fabrication and Testing
  3. PCB Fabrication and Testing
  4. Electronics Experiments, Fabrication and Testing

Polytechnic Students


6-8 weeks

  1. Electronics Experiments
  2. Circuit Fabrication and Testing
  3. Embedded System Design
  4. PCB Fabrication and Testing

Engineering College Students


6 months

  1. Power Supply Design Fabrication and Testing
  2. PCB Design Fabrication and Testing
  3. Design Fabrication and Testing of Electronics Circuits
  4. Embedded System Design
Project Work

6 weeks

  1. System Design and Performance Evaluation of OFC
  2. Image Processing and Analysis using MATLAB Tool
  3. Image Processing
  4. Neural Networks
  5. Expert System using Fuzzy Logic MATLAB Tool
  6. Video/Image Analysis and Noise Reduction using MATLAB

This centre has well equipped laboratories for repair of electronics equipment. It has facilities of various simulation softwares (TINA version 9, flow code matrix), prototype PCB design m/c, training kits on embedded system design and wireless communication systems, design and fabrication facilities and well equipped class rooms and laboratory practices.

The Electronics Service Centre has two well established laboratories with Internet Connectivity equipped with equipments & software's to provide lab. One lab is located in Homi Bhabha where the ME students use the Software for their Project Work & another lab is located in Ramanujan Block where the students use their Hardware Project implementation. This facilities to the students of Masters' Degree Regular in Electronics & Communication Engineering and for smooth running of Staff Training Development Training Programs along with effective infrastructural facilities and modernized Lab in the department.

Future extension Learning packages on repair and maintenance and industrial training for students are likely to be undertaken.

Hommi  Bhabha(ESC) Lab:- PCB MACHINES