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Director's Message

Greetings from NITTTR, Chandigarh!

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said I quote “I believe there is no other profession in the world that is more important to society than that of a teacher” unquote. Since its inception in 1967, the institute has played the role of proverbial ladder to help teachers of technical institutions to climb the height of success. Over the years, the institute has not left any stone unturned to live upto the expectations of its stakeholders. The institute has created a name for itself by many unique and exemplary contributions in the field of Technical Education.

As we walk on the timeline, we come across the decision of visionary leaders of this country to establish training institutions for training teachers of technical institutions. Resultant to the visionary thinking and landmark decision, four Technical Teachers’ Training Institutes were established in a span of two years’ time between 1965 to 1967. Technical Teachers’ Training Institute [TTTI], Chandigarh came into existence in the year 1967 in collaboration with Royal Netherlands Government. Subsequently, fully supported by the Government of India, the institute was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Renamed as National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research in the year 2003, the institute has justified its elevation by introducing innovative modular ME Programmes, PhD through QIP, imparting training to faculty of Engineering Colleges besides polytechnics, thus enhancing the quality of technical education to meet the requirements of agencies like AICTE, UGC, National Board of Accreditation etc. The innovative and unique way of imparting training through ICT mode using Google Hangout and free Open Source Tools, has given a new space for learning in the digital domain. Launching of NCTEL (NITTTR Chandigarh Technology Enabled Learning) in the YouTube is yet another innovative way of disseminating knowledge to make the education affordable and reachable to all. The competency-oriented outcome-based contributions of the institute for societal growth are well-depicted by the institute’s role in the implementation of centrally funded schemes. The institute has maintained a strong correlation with the national needs by timely and planned execution of quality programmes.

The departments of this institute have contributed significantly to the five core activities viz: Education & Training, Curriculum Design and Development, Instructional Material Development, Consultancy & Extension Services and Research & Development. The work culture, clean and lush green campus and IOT driven ambience of the institute with value added training programme developed in a highly professional manner, is a true recipe for empowerment.Knowledge integrated with skill imparted using innovative teaching methodology adds a new dimension to the knowledge-skill domain of the participants. The inclusive, participative and collaborative teaching-learning creates inquisitiveness and excitement among the participants. The institute believes in the partnership and networking progression model and has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with many organizations of repute to create multiplier effects. Realising the present challenge faced by the technical education systems, the institute has come up with a new tactical planning named as FASTER (Formulate, Action, Strategy for Training, Education and Research) to make policy, strategy and action aiming at SMARTER (Specific-Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound, Effective and Resourceful) outcome to empower human resource with multilevel, multilayer learning in diversed areas (Management, Attitude, Skill, Technology, Ethics and Responsibility) to become MASTER.

As a Director, I strongly believe that “United we work, Together we achieve and Team we win”.

Transiting from COVID to post-COVID scenario, the demands for blended learning will emerge as COVIDL “Contact-Open-Virtual-Immersive-Digital Learning”. The National Education Policy (NEP-2020) has opened up a life-time opportunity. To unlock the potential of higher technical institutions and to make them more relevant to society and industry, the institute has many innovative launching pads for NEP-2020 vision.

I am confident that with FASTER, SMARTER and MASTER approach, the institute will be a front runner in addressing industry issues like IIOT, Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, Industry 4.0, Block chain, other emerging areas like work-based learning and many more. The present initiatives of the institute to integrate academic with industries resulting in research laboratory inside campus of Tech Mahindra at IT Park, Chandigarh, ABB sponsored laboratory at the institute, HIL Centre of Excellence inside the campus are the vivid examples of industry’s acceptance. The aggressive action plan to create MOOCs materials and learning through SWAYAM and NCDLS (NITTTR Chandigarh Digital Learning Space - an App of the institute) is a determined move of the institute to implement digitization of education. Socio-digital pedagogy will take a driving seat in effective implementation of the dream education policy NEP-2020.

NITTTR, Chandigarh is always innovative in launching new knowledge, skill and learning methods. Therefore, I invite everyone from the technical fraternity to have an experience of experiential learning by joining with this institute.

Think Good, Do Good and Be Good!

Prof. Shyam Sundar Pattnaik


NITTTR, Chandigarh

Ph. 0172-2792369, 2759501

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